Mingus Mountain Church of Christ
Prescott Valley, AZ
Jesus and the Lost Sheep  
08/02/15   Jim Thayer
Self Control
04/10/16  Jim Thayer
Sticking Your Neck Out
4/24/16  Jim Thayer
Tact- Lessons from Abigail
 08/16/15   Jim Thayer

The Power of an Invitation  John 1-4   08/23/15  
Jim Thayer
Glendale Church of Christ
Building Up Relationships
5/01/16  Jim Thayer

5/8/16  Jim Thayer 

Suffering and Sorrow Part 1
08/30/15    Jim Thayer
Suffering and Sorrow Part 2
09/06/15    Jim Thayer
5/15/16 Jim Thayer
09/13/15   Jim Thayer
5/22/16  Jim Thayer
Releasing the past
09/20/15 Jim Thayer
6/5/16  Jim Thayer
Choose whom you will serve
09/27/15  Jim Thayer
Being a servant
6/12/16  Jim Thayer
Overcoming Doubt
10/04/15  Jim Thayer
Judgement of ofthers
6/19/16  Jim Thayer
Lord teach us to pray- Part 1
11/15/15  Jim  Thayer

Lord teach us to pray-Part 2
11/22/15  Jim Thayer

Romans 8:1-18
11/29/15  Jim Thayer
Women in the Gospel of Luke
12/6/15  Jim Thayer
Romans 8:18-27
Jim Thayer
Jim Thayer
Salvation of Lydia Acts 16
Jim Thayer
Romans 8:26-39
Jim Thayer
Our Responsiblilties
01/10/16  Jim Thayer
Heaven- Part 1
01/17/16  Jim Thayer
Heaven Part 2
1/24/16  Jim Thayer
1/31/16  Jim Thayer
2/7/16  Jim Thayer
The Day Jesus Died
2/21/16  Jim Thayer
Why The Death Of Christ On The Cross
2/28/16  Jim Thayer
Rizpah - Shadow Of The Cross
3/13/16  Jim Thayer
The Book of Life
03/20/16  Jim Thayer
3/27/16  Jim Thayer
Crown Without a Cross
3/27/16  Jim Thayer